Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q - I want to join the Club. How can I apply?
  • A - Membership of the Club is by invitation only. Please call your NGK representative.
    1. Q - Can I register if I don't have an email address?
    2. A - If you don't have an email address at work but do at home, you can use that. If you don't have one at all call our helpline on 020 7691 9227 or 07535 310024. We can register you manually so that you can still play BoxClever. Then, in the future, if you get an email address you can then register online. Remember, you get all sorts of benefits if you order online, so it's worth doing if you can.  
    3. Q - Can I change my details, if some are inaccurate?
    4. A - Yes. Just go into ‘View my details’ and make the changes. And remember, you will need to confirm your password again.
    5. Q - Do I have to re-enter my password if I change or add something to my registration?
    6. A - Yes you do. It's a security measure - the system should not hold any data that someone else could then discover (eg if you had to leave your computer for five minutes).
    7. Q - I've registered my details and I'm not sure what to do next.
    8. A - You should receive an email from the system confirming your registration or you will receive a call from the Club Helpline.
    9. Q - What do I do if I don't want the gifts to go to the garage address?
    10. A - The gifts will only go to the garage address if you haven't specified a delivery address in ‘View my Details'. You can change this as often as you want.
    11. Q - I've added some products to my basket but it's asking me for a delivery address when I've already filled in our garage address in the registration page?
    12. A - The prompt for a delivery address on the ‘view my basket' page is to remind you incase you wish to have your order go somewhere other than the garage. It will go to the garage address if you don't specify otherwise.
    13. Q - What happens if I want to order a product and I don't have enough points?
    14. A - Save I'm afraid! You cannot spend anymore than is in your account.
    15. Q - How will I know whether my boxes have been received and banked and how many points I have?
    16. A - Once you've registered you can log in at any time and check your points balance in ‘View Account'. Even better, click on ‘statement' at the bottom and you can see exactly where your points came from and what you've spent them on! You will also receive an email when your points have been banked.
    17. Q - How will I know if my order has gone through?
    18. A - Again, you will see the change in your statement. The system will also tell you that the order has been submitted successfully.
    19. Q - What happens if I forget my password?
    20. A - You can click on ‘forgotten your password?' and it will be sent to you automatically. Or you can ring the Helpline (020 7681 9227 or 07535 310024)