Earn More Points

NGK boxes are now worth more BoxClever points than ever before. Save faster and claim your free gifts sooner.

The current points value of each product type is listed below.

BoxClever Points 2018/19

  • Camshaft & Crankshaft Sensors

    100 points


    MAF/MAP Sensors

    100 points

  • NOx Sensors

    100 points

  • Ignition Coils

    100 points

  • EGT Sensors

    100 points

  • Lambda Sensors

    100 points

  • Glow Plugs

    20 points

  • Precious Metal Spark Plugs

    Previously 5 points

    10 points

  • Spark Plugs

    5 points


To save any confusion, if you’ve got any old banking forms or BoxClever bags lying around please chuck them out. This will ensure you get the new points values for every box you send us. We’d hate you to miss out!

Please note only single boxes with their part number end attached are valid.