Terms & Conditions

  1. NGK employees, its partners, their promotion agencies, suppliers and members of the garage trade are not eligible to enter the promotion.
  2. The BoxClever promotion is only open to independent garage trade customers in the UK (mainland), aged 18 or over, who are not members of any other NGK loyalty or promotional scheme.
  3. Re-sellers and those holding NGK Direct Accounts are not eligible.
  4. The entire spark plug, glow plug, ignition coil, sensor or precious metal spark plug single box must be sent in. Tops or parts of boxes will not be accepted. NGK reserve the right to request proof of purchase for boxes being sent for banking. Boxes will not be returned. To be eligible all products must have been purchased from NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd distributor whose products have been supplied by the same.
  5. Gifts are subject to availability. NGK reserve the right, where necessary, to substitute out of stock items with a gift of equivalent value.
  6. Points do not have to be spent immediately. They can be accumulated by collecting and sending in boxes. Please allow 14 days from posting before your points show on your account.
  7. On 31 December of each year any points earned more than 12 months previously will expire.
  8. Boxes will not be accepted unless they are sent in an official BoxClever bag. (In the event of the BoxClever promotion being terminated, NGK will give three months' notice prior to the closing date.)
  9. NGK reserves the right to amend/ withdraw this scheme at its discretion in any way and at any time without compensation.
  10. Gift requests can only be made if you have already registered - either online or manually via the BoxClever Helpline - and the necessary amount of points must be in your account. Gift orders must be of equal value to or less than the number of points in your account.
  11. Gifts claimed under Special Offer must be ordered online.
  12. All manual order requests must be legible. If they are illegible or do not comply with these terms, they will be considered invalid.
  13. Saving for a gift of a member’s own choice, that is not in the collection, must be agreed with NGK (through the Helpline) and is at NGK’s discretion. The points value of the item must be agreed between NGK and the member at the outset. Should the value of the item change, the agreement is subject to revision.
  14. Boxes sent in with an invalid gift request will be banked for the respondent in their BoxClever Account for redemption against future requests. 
  15. No responsibility is accepted for boxes or order requests lost, damaged or delayed in the post. Proof of posting is not proof of delivery.
  16. There are no cash alternatives.
  17. The tax liability on all items is to be settled by the individual concerned.
  18. Entries become the property of the promoter.

Promoter: NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP2 4SD.